April 15th, 2013

Those annoying Instagram filters that make all of our pictures have a similar feel, sometimes help you create that one image that’s truly unique and beautiful. This is mine.


Migrate Google+

November 9th, 2011

Google+ has been making quite a buzz since its official release 2 days ago. We’ve read a lot of online articles about the new social network giant and they all depict a wide spread of emotions. Some people embrace it while others are frustrated at the idea of having to create yet another page for this new outlet. How successful will this new circle be? It’s anyone’s guess at this point. Nonetheless, Migrate Design decided optimistically to get on this bandwagon.

If you remain undecided about your decision to join or not, consider this important fact: If you have a page on Google+, it’ll be strongly put it forward in Google search results, and even more so if you have a lot of followers that +1 your business page! That is the foremost change, which will interest all businesses, organizations and companies looking for a better online referencing.

So get your g+ and let the “plusification” begin!

Migrate Design Google+

Post Summer Fun

August 2nd, 2011

If your summer was like ours, then you must feel happy and content, rejuvenated and ready to get back in the day-to-day routine. We made a long and fun trip to France, and visited a lot of different cities. We also took time to go deep into the country side, and infuse ourselves with priceless sights. Every moment of this trip was a true spectacle for the eyes. And since we just happened to have our camera with us ;) , we took a lot of new pictures to supply our photo libraries.
We will continue to update our “Picture Of The Week” on Migrate Design’s Facebook page. Here is an example of the photographs you’ll see in this album.

So if you’ll excuse us, we must leave you to go thru the hundreds of new photos we took in France. In the meantime, feel free to like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.

À bientôt!

Migrate Card Featured On Facebook

April 18th, 2011

Tiny Prints used one of our illustrations to help them advertise Mother’s Day on their Facebook business page. Our card has been chosen out of the 583 they currently offer on their site. We don’t mean to brag but… well, we are a little ;)

So if you haven’t done so already, don’t hesitate one more second. Get your Mother’s Day card from Tiny Prints!

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Look For Migrate Design On Thumbtack.com

March 25th, 2011

More than ever before, social networking continues to be a primal part of business marketing. It is important to always be on the look out for new online communities. Those web based social networking sites offer more than social relations among people. They allow users (businesses) to share ideas, activities, events, and interests within their individual networks, which can lead to new found business.

Migrate Design is now on thumbtack.com. Signing up is very quick and simple. It is time well spent. Now, we simply wait and see the kind of  response we get from this new service. If nothing else, it builds credibility and notoriety within existing clients.

Twitter Background Design

December 28th, 2009

With Twitter rapidly becoming one of the most popular networking site, everybody wants to stand out from the horde. There has already been quite a range of quality designs showcased on various sites, which has shown an emergence of trends such as the ‘sidebar’. The sidebar is an area of screen real estate that is put to use to display additional information about the user or business, such as large profile image, bio and lists of websites and other social networks.

For the most part, there are three main design styles when it comes to creating your Twitter background:
Repeating background pattern
Background graphic fading to color
Extra large background graphic

Twitter will help you expand your professional network, promote your business and see what people are interested in. It is not too late to add Twitter to your marketing strategy. Let us design your very own, personalized Twitter background professionally and effectively. Contact Migrate Design for a thorough explanation of the Twitter community, and to discuss how your business can benefit from it.


Migrate Join!

September 14th, 2009

Come join us and follow our various activities on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Being “iSocial” is hard work but it is quickly becoming a necessity for any company, big or small. So take your pick!
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Migrate Facebook

November 23rd, 2008

Facebook Become A FanMigrate Design is on Facebook! Click on the facebook icon to become a fan, and enjoy our photo pick of the week. We will upload one photo per week and discuss it with our fans.

So if you’re already a Facebook user, don’t hesitate any longer and