Why A Website Or A Logo?

October 20th, 2009

Internet has grown from media-darling to media-monster. Selling online or promoting your business on the Web is a wise and rewarding business move for every business. In today’s internet-savvy world if you own a business, it’s always a win-win strategy to brand (logo) your business and go online (website). If you look around, most of the businesses are already available online and soon every business would go the same way. So be there before your competitors do. Here are the few good reasons to go online with your business:

• Reach to worldwide AND local customers
• Very affordable start-up investment
• Low promotion costs
• Low staffing/operational expenditures
• Simple to automate
• Work at own pace (solo marketers)
• Easy and inexpensive to test, lowering risk
• Quick to generate income.
• Easy to measure customer response and effectiveness of advertising

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