New ARTree Mural in Newhall

August 20th, 2011

“Take a drive down Railroad Avenue in Newhall and it’ll be hard to miss.” Thirteen faces, 17 feet high and 130 feet long. It is the second in what’s planned to be a series of art projects to pop up in Santa Clarita. “You might recognize some of these kids around your neighborhood, and they’re not from some model agency or somewhere.” This is the latest ARTree project, inspired by a former tagger-turned-popular European artist who goes by the name of J.R.. His work can be seen throughout the world today.

We are so proud of the ARTree for this exciting and unique art project. This is one that Newhall will remember, and not just because of its size, but certainly because it made a lot of kids feel special, and it gave them a sense of pride and ownership. Bravo ARTree!

The ARTree is Santa Clarita’s newest community arts organization.  It’s made up of artists, performers, musicians, teachers, writers and community leaders.  Their mission is to create a home where art, in all its forms, can thrive and inspire. To learn more about The ARTree and how you can get involved, visit

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