Letterheads And Personalized Notes For Your Business

January 19th, 2010

The letterhead and personalized notes days are not over. In this day and age, we tend to communicate electronically via email, SMS, and even directly from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter – which by the way, are rapidly becoming indispensable tools for any business. Let’s face it, it is easy, quick, efficient AND… better for the environment. There’s no reason to waste paper when written communication can be handle through cyberspace.

But there are times when a quick personalized written note will make a big difference on your business. Some companies will request correspondences to be done via printed forms, like transactions, notices, certified letters, etc… Other than the official aspect of this tradition, there’s a certain level of nostalgia related to personalized letterheads and the design behind them. Each piece is unique and it is supposed to represent your personality and the character of your business or organization. Personalized letterhead is an important part of branding. Don’t underestimate the power of design.

And if you rightfully feel guilty (like me) about wasting paper, you can always print on recycled paper. It is extremely popular in the business world and it will reflect positively on you and your business. That way, everybody wins.

Contact Migrate Design for your free estimate on designing various personal stationery items. We can help you.

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